The Best Legal Solutions For Your Business.

We are a Intellectual Property and Corporate Law firm with emphasis on litigation and audit. We specialise in providing practical advise and support to our Clients.

The Best Legal Solutions For Your Business.

We are a Intellectual Property and Corporate Law firm with emphasis on litigation and audit. We specialise in providing practical advise and support to our Clients.

Escalade Legal Services is a one stop shop for Technology Companies.

With our Associates coming from diverse backgrounds, Escalade Legal Services is uniquely poised to be the perfect legal partner for Technological Companies, Corporate Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs in their endeavor to grow and achieve their business vision.

How do we amplify your performance?

Intellectual Property

If you are an inventor, designer, developer or author, you can protect your work through intellectual property law.

Commercial Litigation

With the rapid pace of change in the country’s regulatory environment, constantly evolving industry norms, and increased global interactions amongst corporate entities

How we can help

We pride ourselves in providing cost effective legal solutions, to both our National and International Clients.


Trademarks exist to help differentiate your brand from your competitor and probable infringers who may attempt to pass off your reputed brand as theirs. Trademarks can be granted to names, logos, taglines, a combination of words and 3D images. read more


Copyright is a right that gets vested in an/the author / creator when such work comes into existence. The works in which Copyright exists include photographs, cinematograph films , literary works, artistic works, musical works, softwares etc.. read more


Patent is a right given to any invention for their functional aspects which is new and novel in that more


A Design is a right that recognises the creation of new and original features including a new shape, configuration, surface pattern, ornamentations and composition of lines or colours, which may be applied to finished articles. read more

General Corporate Advisory

Escalade Legal Services provides General Corporate Advisory services to its Clients, right from the inception of the Company to structuring to day to day legal issues which includes drafting and reviewing of contracts, corporate compliances, policy interpretation, labour law issues, license agreements, franchisee agreements, besides various other General Corporate more

General Commercial Agreements

Keeping in mind the nature of industry and the business vision of the Entrepreneurs/ Founders, Escalade Legal Services helps in drafting various kinds of General Commercial Agreements that suits the business needs. read more

Plant Varieties & Farmers Rights

Plant Variety protection is a sui generis system with each state having its own unique way and rational to protect the interests of its ecology and farming community. Consequently, farmers rights is closely intertwined with the applicable plant variety protections enforceable locally. read more

Semiconductor Layout Design

Semi-conductor chips and the electronic circuits that are designed around them are the backbone and the driving force of the current, fourth industrial revolution. It is relevant now more than ever for countries and industries alike to protect their innovations in this field for the sake their economic and intellectual interests. The Government of India has thus passed the Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Layout Designs Act in the year 2000. read more

What Our Clients Say

Gaurav Sikka
Gaurav Sikka
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Venkata is a highly knowledgeable in IP Protection services. He is young, friendly and guided us well in the different kinds of protection required for a new business. He is extremely detail oriented, provides great follow-up and gets work done as promised and on time. It was a pleasure working with him and I'm sure we'll be going back to him more often.
Ramani MV
Ramani MV
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Venkat is a good Trademark attorney. He is intelligent, hardworking and committed to his profession. He expressed his interest to explore the vast field of patent searching and drafting. I wish him good luck in his future.
Badrinath Simha
Badrinath Simha
Read More
Venkat had been one of the inquisitive students who wanted to explore a lot into new branches of law. He had a profound apptitute towards cyber laws and intellectual property laws. He brought in new dimensions and perspectives to class discussions. I wish him all the best in all his endeavours.


Is registration of an IP a time-consuming affair

The Indian IP eco system has rapidly grown and today the registration of any IP is much faster than it was around 7 years ago.

Who can file for an Intellectual Property Right?

Any corporate entity/ company or individual can file and own an IP.

What are the costs involved for filing an Intellectual Property?

We at Escalade Legal Services constantly strive to provide cost effective solutions, whilst maintaining the quality of services at all times.

Does filing an Intellectual Property in India provide global protection?

No. Intellectual Property Rights are territorial in nature and one has to individually approach each country where they wish to obtain a right in that Country/ Jurisdiction.

What is the term of an Intellectual Property Right?

Depending on the type of Intellectual Property, while few can be renewed continuously before expiry, some fall into the public domain post of the expiry of the term.

What recourse is available to an IP rights holder, if his/ her rights are being infringed by a third party in India?

One can file a suit before the Court of competent jurisdiction to obtain an Injunction Order (Temporary Restraining Order), besides also seek damages and also ascertain prospects of other available civil and criminal remedies in India.

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Escalade Legal Services takes a multidisciplinary approach towards real-time legal assistance and acts as a one-stop shop for all your legal needs. We specialize to providing IP and Technology support for your Company.